Saturday, October 17, 2009

News Break

We interrupt this blog with a Yoga News Update:

Today I was able to go into Upward Bow. (Urdhva Dhanurasana) for the first time since my surgery last September. Woo Hoo!

On another note, Paul practiced my 75 minute Yoga Conditioning for Life class with me this morning. And he completed it all. And he did pretty well at it too. And sweat dripped off of him onto the mat.

Two things to say about that: Yuk! and I am glad that he bought his own mat and didn't use mine.


Kaivalya said...

Congrats on Urdhva Dhanurasana! It's a fun pose. I'm impressed that Paul is practising yoga with you. Clearly, you've been a good influence! :-)

Guys sweat a lot during yoga. If his mat gets too slippery, you may want to consider getting him a yoga towel. They're pricey, but worthwhile for sweaty yogis.

Jen said...

I'm impressed with Dad too. Especially considering I've been doing yoga on and off for years and can't finish a 30 minute video lately!

Dawn said...

Yay for you...and your hubby! I find upward bow to be very hard.