Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Giving Thanks

Canadian Thanksgiving. My favorite holiday and I get to celebrate it twice this year.

We drove down to Regina on Sunday and stayed with Paul's sister Mona. Almost the entire family was there. It was so nice to see everyone and catch up. Paul has three brothers and one sister and the boys ain't so good at keeping each other up to date on their lives. After dinner was over they busted out the PS2 and we took turns singing Karaoke. What fun. Great for laughs. I couldn't help but take a picture of all of the teenager shoes in the front entrance. It made me smile.

My three girls, and my little girl will be celebrating another Thanksgiving on the 24th. It was the soonest date that we could all get together. When you have adult children who live in different cities it becomes more of a struggle to get together but then too, more of a joy.

But anyway, a few things I am thankful for this year, in no particular order are:

My husband. Great guy. He drives me nuts at times but I love him still.

My baby Athena. Growing by the day. Seeming more grown up by the week.

My daughter Jen, son (in law) Jordan and my granddaughters Abby and Josie. Love them all. Abby and Josie love their Papa like mad. LIKE MAD I tell you. Not as fond of me. That's life.

My daughter Jess. Don't see her much. She's very busy. The calls on the phone are basically what we have and I look forward to them.

My daughter Jill and my granddaughter Eden. Jill too is busy. More so than normal. And Eden. Ah, Eden. A little handful that one but she's so unique.

Living in Canada, the greatest country there is. Health Care. Safety. Freedom. Beauty.

A steady income and the ability to stay home and do what I do.

My extended family and Paul's too. As I was looking around on Thanksgiving, I recalled how we were when we were all teenagers. Time has truly flown by.

The Tudors. The only TV show I watch.

That manufacturers are printing labels on kids clothes so I don't have to cut tags off of everything. (I do not like tags)

And I am thankful for the women in the blog world who continue to inspire in so many way.

Happy Days!


Amanda Brown said...

I love The Tudors, too! Lots of sex! :)
Happy Thanksgiving...you are blessed indeed.
And I love that photo of Jen. What a light she has, hey? Miss her.

Dawn said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you! There have been a few years where I've been able to celebrate Thanksgiving with my Canadian friends in October, and again in November. I love it when that happens. ;)