Thursday, October 15, 2009

Early Winter

Snow fell again last night and into this morning. Not a lot, but enough to make the highways slippery and to make one little girl happy!

This may be the earliest time of year she has donned her snow suit and played outside in the snow. Prior to this she had been playing with her blocks. When I went to get the camera to snap a few pictures of her, I encountered this scene.

Her Duplo people peeking out through the patio door, watching her play. Too cute. The weather is supposed to warm up significantly this weekend. Enough to melt the snow and finally give us some sweater weather. This is great news! We can finally give the windows a wash before winter really sets it.

Yoga Update:
Paul has started practicing Yoga with me. I know, I can't believe it either. I have been pestering, or shall I say, suggesting, that he do it for years now. Being a man he said "Only if we do nude yoga." Of course that didn't happen. So now that he has ulterior motives and a definite goal in mind, he is finally on the mat.

We started out with simple stretching asanas and now he has graduated to Rodney Yee's Yoga Core Cross Train. We did it together the other morning. Note: I do not particularly enjoy boat pose. He is coming along nicely but his hamstrings are so tight. Really really tight. But as Sri Pattabhi Jois has so wisely said, "Practice and All Is Coming." Yes indeed.

My practice is coming along nicely too. Feeling stronger. Revolved Triangle is still a struggle these days and I haven't attempted Upward Bow since resuming my practice. But I will soon. Practice and all is coming.

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Dawn said...

Wow! Snow already! I'm laughing about what your husband said about yoga...sounds like something mine would say. ;)