Wednesday, October 21, 2009

He Should Have Come With Me

On Monday after school, Athena and I went to the library at her school. They were having a Book Fair. She led the way for me and we entered the room.
No one else was there. Not a soul. It was me, Athena and a room full of books for sale.
Now some women have problems with buying too many shoes, or clothes or purses and scarves. Hi Lyse. Not me. I have a problem with books. I purge my collection regularly but when the Scholastic book orders come home from school, when the Saskatoon Symphony has their annual used book sale or when a book fair is on, I lose all control. I don't buy books that I know will only get read once or twice. I don't buy books with TV or movie characters in them. I tend to gravitate toward classics. Charlotte's Web, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Anne of Green Gables, Little House on the Prairie. Books like that.
My very biggest weakness is books about my country. Books about Canada. I can't resist them.
And on this particular Monday afternoon, I didn't. I bought M is for Mountie, Saskatchewan Facts, The History of Canada, (all three volumes) and the list goes on. I spent $84.
Paul should have come with me.


Kaivalya said...

There are worse addictions to have. I too have a thing for books. The library has cured most of my book-buying tendencies (we have an amazing library here in the city), but I *still* tend to own too many books (and hate to part with them).

Dawn said...

You and me..we share similar addictions. :)