Tuesday, October 6, 2009


That picture shows just about how I have been feeling lately. It started last Wednesday afternoon. All was well and then suddenly I got the chills. I almost cried thinking about having to walk to the school to pick up Athena. It was cold out but not as cold as my body felt it was, if that makes any sense. Then the headache came. Not a pounding headache or even a particularly painful one. It was more of an annoyance than anything. Next day around noon it was all I could do to lie on the couch for an hour. I finally took some ibuprofen and got some relief.
To make a long boring story short, I have felt kind of crappy all week. Headachy, weak, tired. I am sure I have been in bed before 10 every night. Maybe even 9 some days. Today I still feel under the weather but definitely better.
All was not lost. We got the yard put to sleep for winter. Two full mornings of picking the last carrots and beets. Pulling the bedding plants, trimming the perennials. Filling the bird feeders and putting the sand toys, wind chimes, and lawn chairs away. We took down the canopy too. Went to swim class. Had our first wonderful beef stew and sat by the fire. It was a good weekend.
I also went to a yarn shop last week. First time. What a great selection. Beats a craft store any day. I got some beautiful washable wool for my second attempt at a toque for Athena. I also got a wool silk blend for one for myself. I finished one of the slippers I am working on for myself but have yet to cast on the second one.
Today I got the sweaters out from storage, laundered them and got them on the shelves. Wool socks are out too. Summer clothes put away in containers for next summer, if we get a summer.
Temperatures here have plummeted. We will fall to -8 overnight tonight with highs only near freezing. Flurries are in the forecast. And worst of all we are almost out of firewood and are having trouble finding a supply. This won't do. Around these parts, fires are frequent. Started in the late afternoon as the family settles in for the evening. Lots of playing Lincoln Logs for the little one, lots of knitting and reading for me and reading for Daddy too.
Today, Paul has an important meeting that could determine his future. He has been working so hard, moving toward that goal. I am proud of him no matter the outcome. Athena is in school today and I am keeping the home fires burning, as usual. I am off to make Tyler Florence's Ultimate French Onion Soup for lunch. Mmmmm, can't you just taste it?
Hope all is well with you. Have a great day.

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Dawn said...

Being sick like that doesn't sound fun at all...so sorry about that, glad you're starting to feel better. I enjoyed reading about all your preparations for winter.