Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Can You Eat Me Now?

I am always searching for locally grown, organic food for my little family. Locally grown especially. Nothing like Buy Amer.. I mean Buy Saskatchewan. Once not too long ago I bought a jar of pickles. Everyone grows cucumbers here so I didn't even look at the label. I couldn't even believe that my $3 jar of pickles was shipped all the way from The Philippines! The Philippines I tell ya. Come on.
The other day I was looking on a local free classified ad site and came across an ad for Free Range Eggs $2 a doz and Free Range Chicken $3.50/lb. I contacted the farmer right away and wouldn't you know it? The farm was 20 minutes from our little town. Score!
I talked with her on the phone and she said the chickens are grain and flax fed, roam around outdoors and had just started to lay. I'll take them. 4 dozen please. She went on to say that the chickens for sale were about 5 or 6 lbs each and had never had any animal byproducts. The only thing they had was chick starter when they were well... chicks. Free Range. Yes, thank you, I'll take two. That was when the conversation took a slightly unpleasant turn. I'll go pick a few out from the flock and have them ready for you tomorrow. (That meant as we spoke they were still pecking happily around the farmyard, totally unaware of their fate.) Gulp. Yes, I'll take two. Never had a fondness for chickens.
She mentioned that they had some Free Range, grass fed beef as well. (Raises eyebrow) I do enjoy myself a nicely grilled piece of beef tenderloin. Love Beef Burgundy. Even Bolognese. Go on. She said he roams around the pasture, we had him inside last winter but he likes it outside more. (Starts to squirm) I fully expected her to say "and his hobbies are watching butterflies and finding gopher holes." We haven't slaughtered him yet. (Gulp) Slaughtered is such an awful word.
I'll get back to you on the beef .
PS The eggs are lovely. Beautiful shades of brown, beige and white. Hard shells. Dark yellow yolks. I'll let you know about the chicken. It's in the oven.

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Anonymous said...

Nothing like plucking a chicken out of the yard and it ending up in the oven. Yum