Monday, November 30, 2009

Owl Moon

This little girl of mine. What can I say? She is so fun loving and creative. She has a sweet sweet spirit. Oh, and she loves to draw.

One of her favorite books is Owl Moon. It is about a father who takes his little girl out "owling" one dark winter night. She is finally old enough to go. She is so excited she could scream. But, "when you go owling, you have to be very quiet."

We read this book the other night and this picture is what I found on her Magna Doodle the next morning. So cute. She told me that that was a Snowy Owl, even though the owl in the book was a Great Horned Owl. She says I can tell because there are no ears on her owl. Indeed.


Jen said...

She's getting so great at drawing!

Dawn said...

That's such a cute drawing, and very well done! I hope she enjoys "owling". I love that book.