Monday, November 2, 2009

Homeschooling. Round Three

My husband has been subtly suggesting that I home school Athena. He has been making little comments, little observations. This is brand new. For our older girls it was all me, all my idea. All my WORK! Make no mistake, work it certainly is. And dedication. And time. And... well, anything else that means WORK.

But the school year is already two months in. Dare I do it? Makes me wonder.


Anonymous said...

Why would you? She is happy & likes school.

Kaivalya said...

What are his reasons? I'm going to risk offence and go ahead and be blunt (apologies if I step on toes here...).

If the reasons are centred around Athena's needs (she doesn't like school, isn't learning what she needs to, etc.), then this is something to examine further.

If his reasons are based on a personal preference, then no.

Ultimately, this decision should be driven by Athena, with your input. Is she learning? Is she happy? Is her life enriched by the interaction with the other children?

Speaking from the perspective of a child who was yanked out of schools and moved from place to place, these changes can be very traumatic. Proceed with caution and sensitivity.