Thursday, November 19, 2009

This and That

I am thinking about:See the above picture? A rubber chicken. Yes, you recall. That is EXACTLY what my "twenty dollar free range bird" tasted like. What a huge disappointment. The skin was so thick and leathery it was almost like a football. It was so thick, in fact, that after the bird was cooked to precisely the right temperature, I couldn't even get to the meat unless I hacked it with a cleaver. Did I get taken for a ride. Paul went to a Hutterite colony the very next day on business. He was lamenting the story when one of them produced a Hutterite chicken for him. Try this! We sell them for $7 a piece. Same size. 2/3 less money. I hope it turns out better than the last.

I am working on:

Several things actually. If you can believe it, I am still knitting my wool hat. Only a few more rounds to go in the decrease. I can plainly see at least 5 errors. It better fit. It better be warm.
Also working on some Therapeutic Wheat Bags. Still working on the most comfortable prototype for the eye bag. Haven't reached perfection yet. Also working on my yoga practice. I did an old standby yesterday. It was a little on the easy side yet today my abdominal muscles are sore. Different poses than I am used to. King Dancer, Shoulder stand, Rolling sun salutation. The class was by Tracy Rich and Ganga White of White Lotus. Total Yoga was the name.

I am looking into:

We had PT interviews at Athena's school yesterday. Teacher says she it at or above par on all of her academics. A joy to have in class. So sweet. But... She can't sit still. Perhaps, she suggested, I should take her to her doctor and get some Ritalin. I would say WTF? But my Mother reads this blog so I'll just say What the Heck? Ritalin? To be fair, she didn't actually utter the word Ritalin but she strongly suggested it. So I am planning to contact Jen's Naturopath to see what she thinks and then move forward from there. Any advice would be greatly appreciated here.

I am feeling:

A bit lonely. Dear Husband has a long term project in the works and has been totally consumed by it lately. Reading, working out, studying, learning. All the while I am being a little neglected, in my opinion. (Sigh) Thank goodness for my daily morning phone call with a certain someone. It keeps me connected to the adult world. Thanks Jen.

I am surprised:

That the only show I watch, The Tudors, aired its Season Finale last night? Again, What the Heck? Didn't it just start a mere 8 weeks ago? That is the end of my TV watching until next fall.

I am enjoying:

The lovely weather. It is well above seasonal and I am loving it. Also loving watching Parker frolic in the yard. Feeding him Strawberries and peanuts.

I am looking forward to:

The weekend. Last swim class. Lots of yoga practice. A Hutterite chicken. Knitting. Reading. Cooking. Resting.

Hope your weekend is just as nice.


Jen said...

Sounds like a nice weekend!

I hope you get a helpful reply back from Dr. Z.

Kaivalya said...

This post really struck a nerve when I read about the suggestion about Ritalin.

Geez! Has it ever occurred to this teacher that a young child might not be able to sit still because she's a *child*. Children are high-energy and distractable, particularly at the age of 5. This is *normal*

In my teaching, I have encountered so many wonderful, bright, energetic children who were labelled 'ADHD' early, who now see themselves as somehow broken because of this questionable diagnosis. One student, a bright and energetic boy, constantly said: "I am ADHD". I told him over and over again: "You're (firstname), ADHD doesn't define you. You're more than that."

What are we doing to our children?!

I've been on the fence about this whole homeschooling thing, but this is one issue that would tip me. If a teacher insisted that my five year old be drugged in order to make her more compliant, I would go ballistic - and set up my dining room as a home school.

I'm so glad that you're talking to a naturopath about this. I'm also curious to hear about what advice you receive.

Amanda Brown said...

I know, The Tudors was a painfully short season! Boo! If you're looking for a new show to watch, I highly recommend Big Love. It's a drama about a modern day polygamist family (not a reality show) and it's filled with humour, satire, and rich plots. Go for it! You can rent the seasons from a vidoe'd keep you occupied while Mr. P is gone. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm a teacher, and can't imagine that someone would suggest ritalyn for a child who si achieving success, but just can't sit still. Did you suggest to the teacher, that maybe your daughter needs some mind breaks. Just little breaks every once in a while to shake of the I can't sit stills. I teach grade 2, and I still have brain breaks, where we might sing a silly song, or just shake our sillies out, or just go for a quick walk around the classroom. Shes 5, and can't be expected to sit for a long time.