Friday, November 6, 2009

Our New Pet (Kind of)

Just a few weeks back I was lamenting to my daughter about the lack of wildlife in our small Saskatchewan town. Although from my yoga studio window I can see for miles on end, miles of rolling prairie, I don't see much wildlife at all.

As soon as we are on the highway things change. We see deer a lot, albeit mostly as roadkill. Speaking of roadkill there is an abundance of that. Coyotes, fox, porcupine, skunk and just the other day I saw a dead badger too. I know there is wildlife around. Lots of it.

Anyway, the other day I saw a squirrel run by on the other side of the road. First time in 4 years have I seen one here. I literally squealed with excitement, right Jen? So naturally, I busted out the bag of peanuts in the shell, which I had just bought, coincidentally, the weekend before. I thought it would be a long shot, but no. At lunch time he was quickly taking peanuts and burying them in the front lawn, running them up trees and hiding them in the woodpile.
It wasn't long before he had taken them all so I replenished the pile in hopes Athena could see him after school.

Of course he came back. Of course he has since emptied the bird feeders and cleaned up the last remaining apples on our crab apple tree. I am sure in the spring we will have sunflowers growing everywhere from the seeds he will inevitably forget. We'll likely find peanuts stashed in the oddest of places but we don't care. We'll enjoy him all the same. Athena named him Parker.

In other news, Paul took Athena to visit her Grandma and Grandpa for the weekend. She goes about twice a year and I HATE it. She is only 2 1/2 hours away but I have always liked my children to sleep under the same roof as I. I know she'll have lots of fun though and she'll get to eat at McDonald's too. Big highlight for her. They have three schnauzers that she plays with and her cousin Maddie, who is her age as well. On the upside, Paul and I will have the weekend alone. We are planning to go to a movie. Yes, you heard it right, a movie. The last movie we went to in the theatre was 6 years ago. 6 YEARS! After that we are going out for dinner. We plan to do some yoga together on Saturday and Sunday mornings and he will go to the gym in the city and I'll do a bit of shopping. The weather is supposed to be wonderful, in fact it is 16 degrees Celsius as I type this.

Speaking of yoga, my practice is going very very well. Still doing the 75 minute class but I am noticing subtle changes in the asana. Things are becoming more aligned, more centered. I had a fitful practice today because I am still thinking about the family email debate about H1N1 which kind of took a turn for the worse. I started out asking a simple question and it all let loose from there, turning into a debate and who knew more than who. Yikes.

Last night on The National there was a feature about if the media has been irresponsible in reporting the news. One of the doctors interviewed said a resounding Yes. He said we should keep everything in perspective, something he feels the media does not do. He said that 200,000 Canadians die every year. 4000 die of the seasonal flu. Some of them children. Then he said when all is said and done they expect 200 -300 deaths from H1N1. He went on to say that a child is 20 times more likely to die from a car accident that from Swine Flu and that this is NOT a major health event. Perspective. It is all about perspective. And fear mongering. Lots and lots of fear mongering.If you want to check it out click here and start around the 26 minute mark.
Whoa, long post. Have a great weekend all. I know I will. ;)

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Dawn said...

Have a great weekend with your hubby! Six years is a long time to go without a trip to the theater. ;) I'm going to go watch the video clip now.