Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I am listening to:

For the past couple of days I have been listening to Bach and Vivaldi. Baroque Music. It is a CD my sister Lyse sent me years ago. It is so lovely. Comforting in a strange sort of way. I've also been listening to my old Josh Groban Cd's. Old standbys to me. Athena particularly loves the song Vincent. Me too. It is an old Don McLean song. And as always, as always, there is Randy Travis in the CD player in the kitchen. My older girls know all of the songs. We have been listening to him for many a year.

I am watching:

Absolutely nothing now that The Tudors is over. Actually, Paul and I watch The National every night. We watch Courage in Red, and RCMP miniseries. We also watch The Ghost Whisperer reruns every night at 10. Actually, I usually watch until 10:30 and then go to bed. He watches until the end. We also watched the old movie Snow Dogs with Cuba Gooding Jr. on our first "Family Movie Night". Funny movie.

I am eating:

Lots of meat. Sigh. Paul is having trouble with pasta, potatoes and rice so we have been eating more heavily on the protein side. I have also not been eating as many veg as usual. Odd for me because I love veg. Hmmm. I wonder what is with that? I have a chicken stock simmering on the stove right now which smells wonderful. I'll make some soup tomorrow or the next day and save the rest in sealer jars.

I am enjoying:

The nice weather. We hiked the golf course on the weekend. It is only 9 holes but it took us 40 minutes. The next two days, my shin muscles just ached. Obviously there is not an asana in my yoga practice that mimics hill climbing. Ouch. I am also enjoying feeding the birds. I gave them water the other day and within minutes they flocked to the bird bath. No snow, no rain, no water for the animals. Parker the squirrel was in there too, just lapping up the cool water. I have to dump it every night lest it become a huge ice cube but that is a small sacrifice. Athena and I have been spending lots of time snuggling and reading and bird watching. She brought her rocking chair down from her bedroom and set it next to mine. So sweet.

I am slacking:

On my yoga practice. I did a 30 minute Sacred Yoga Sweat taught by Rainbeau Mars today, just to mix things up. It was short but difficult. I'm sure I'll pay tomorrow. I just haven't felt motivated to get on the mat in the past 3 days but I made it there today. I plan to make it there tomorrow and just see where the practice leads me.

I am wondering about:

The H1N1 flu season. They are saying it has reached is peak and is on the wane. Funny about that, vaccinations for the general public started this afternoon. They say 1 in 4 Canadians have been vaccinated. It would be nice to get some real numbers on the incidence of infection/ hospitalization/ ICU cases. It would be lovely to read the headline : H1N1 Big Hoax.
Also wondering when all of the online Christmas shopping packages will arrive at my home. In time for Christmas I hope.

I am thinking about:

Making plans for Christmas I hope. Or shall I say the winter holidays. Winter solstice. I am no longer a Christian so planning for "Christmas" doesn't really feel authentic to me. Anyway, I have plenty of sewing to do for gifts for some people. I should get after it. Also thinking WAY too much about the Parent Teacher interview we had that I mentioned in my last post. I think I have every book about Childhood Food Allergies, ADD and alternative treatment and Homeschooling Curriculum out from the library. I should give myself a break and look into this in the New Year.

I am reading:

All of the above books. Also a book called Bringing Up Geeks by Mary Beth Hicks. So far so good.
Also reading the cookbook The Art of Simple Food. In fact, my stock recipe that simmers on the stove is from it. I have also been looking at an abundance of Christmas Craft/baking/cooking/decorating books. I have a small list of things I'd like to make this year.

I am feeling:

A little blue today for some reason. Could be the pressure from the I am thinking about category. Who knows. It is unlike me to feel this way. I am sure it will only be for a day. I am also feeling the pull of nostalgia for simple times. Simple days, simple joys. I am beginning to believe that may days are too full of 'doing' and not enough 'being'. I must slow down and enjoy. I must.

I am especially liking:

The nuthatches and the chickadees who eat my profferings. On the weekend after our family hike, I remained outside in the warm sunshine. Paul made me some hot chocolate and brought it out to me. I stood there sipping the delicious warm cocoa watching the birds pick up the sunflower seeds I had placed merely a few feet away from where I stood. I spent a blissful 30 minutes out there. All alone. Me and the birds.

Which reminds me, we have twice seen a wonderful snowy owl perched on the same telephone pole, on the outskirts of our town. Wait, I think I blogged about this before. If I did, my apologies. birds. Also I am liking watching Athena with her glasses and her new haircut. She picked the haircut herself and the glasses, well, I found an old pair of mine, and knowing she would love them, I had Paul take the lenses out. It is all I can to to keep her from wearing them to school. I am also liking that swimming lessons are finally over. Woo hoo! And now we are going to do a lot of skating. We went yesterday. Our town has free family skate several times a week. We hope to take a lot of them in until we get our backyard rink all set up. Pictures to follow on that one. She does not like the fact that she is unable to skate. Practice and all is coming.

I am looking forward to:

Casting on for my new scarf and Athenas as well. I am finally finished my hat. Good thing too as it was -17 with the windchill factor this morning when I walked Athena to school.

The weekend, as always. The Winter Solstice. I want to plan something special for that day. And seeing all my girls and grandgirls and Jordan, all together again on December 26th. There is a lot of time from now til then. There is much to do as well.


Jen said...

I love the side by side rocking chairs and Athena in her faux glasses. Cute.

Dawn said...

It was good to catch up with you! I'm sorry that you've been Feeling a little blue. I read the post about the parent teacher conference, and I can see why that would be upsetting. Aren't kindergareteners supposed to be wiggly?!
That hat you knitted looks great. I've been knitting like crazy lately, so much that my fingers are still twitching when I go to bed. ;)