Friday, March 12, 2010

The Girl In the Striped Pajamas

I really should make the girl get dressed on non school days. Shouldn't I?

She practically lives in those PJs. Well not THOSE ones but pajamas nonetheless. She has gone through the knees of two of them already. Two more to go. I'll cut the arms off and the legs above the knee and she'll be all set for spring!

She has been creating like crazy again. Making costumes, singing her own made up songs. Drawing, painting, coloring, cutting.

She believes she can make anything she needs. Like a car for instance. And I believe she can.

And a little music. Who needs a real flute?

And on a side note, I love my new kitchen clock. I think it will also be good for teaching Athena to tell time with. Nice big numbers with the minutes marked off.

It has been an excellent tool for her to learn the dates of the month. She checks the clock in the morning and goes to the calendar to find the day. She gives a little groan when she sees that there is a big red "S" stamped on the day because that means it is a school day.
But not tomorrow!


Anonymous said... really great sites, thank you, xpand singaporeans warn luzuriaga preached liang

Dawn said...

Cute zebra drawing!