Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Shaking My Head

Short note:

We went back to Athena's school yesterday to return something she had forgotten here. The teacher called me in to discuss some concerns.

#1 Socialization (rolls eyes). Athena needs several hours with peers every day. How am I going to manage that?

#2 How will I ever possibly teach her to read? She took the liberty of photocopying the entire Handwriting Without Tears book for me. You know that you start at the top of the letters right?(No, I am a dunce. I didn't know that. Sheesh.)

#3 Here is a note about immunizations. I know you'll want to get them updated and the Public Health Nurse will be doing them next week. (No thank you)

#4 I am leaving Athena's cubicle and mailbox as they are because I think you may be sending her back before long. (Oh really?)

Just thought I'd give you a little chuckle in your day.

Parentheses are mine.


Tara said...

Good for you for taking the teacher's misplaced concerns all in stride.

I still encounter crticism and concern, often from complete strangers re: homeschooling. I just smile and get on with my day.

Keep on keepin' on :0)

Dawn said... sounds like this teacher hasn't actually met very many homeschooled kids.

denise said...

Um, yeah, that is so supportive? Geez. I agree with Dawn that it seems that teacher hasn't met many/any homeschool families, since those are more of the uninformed assumptions. Ah well. What can ya do?

And my son learned how to read by being read to every day, and seeing signs/books/words out in the world that he wanted to know the meaning of. He's a great reader too, and my younger son is starting to read this way also. :)