Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sunny Days

Ahem. On a lighter note, Spring has sprung here in Delisle. The weather has been warm. The snow is quickly melting. Puddles form at the edge of the sidewalk and in the morning we get to crack the ice with our boots. 44 years old and I still love doing that. Too bad I have to share with Athena. Humph.

I have been diligently doing my spring cleaning this week. I have the upstairs done. Walls wiped down, baseboards dusted, ceiling fans cleaned and curtains washed. Linen closets purged and tidies, bedroom closets cleaned out and rearranged. The air is just a little fresher...just a little sweeter.

And today I began to work on the kitchen but was quickly distracted by the desire to juice some oranges.
These are organic oranges that one of the neighbors sent over. So sweet, so bright orange, unlike any I have ever seen or tasted before.
They were almost too juicy to eat because as you bit into a slice the juice would come running out. They had to be eaten over the sink for sure.

But did they yield juice! An unbelievable amount. Sweet, pulpy and plentiful.


Jen said...

yum. My mouth is watering.

Dawn said...

These photos are gorgeous!