Tuesday, March 2, 2010

On My Mind

Todays offering is little snippets of what has been on my mind lately.

*If you have been wondering why there has been a lack of yoga posts here it is because...well, there has been a lack of yoga practice. A real lack. I have been so busy outside in these last weeks that I haven't taken the opportunity to do it. It's not that I am not exercising, I am. We walk, we skate, we play in the snow and finally, yes finally, we went snow shoeing yesterday. What a blast.

Paul snuck out from his downstairs office and caught a few candid shots of us on the golf course. We followed deer tracks and dog tracks. The snow was deeper than I thought. We went up hills, down hills and Mama decided that it would be good to go over a barbed wire fence to a small creek which had just started to thaw. Mama got a hole ripped in her ski pants for her efforts. On the way back, we crawled UNDER the barbed wire. Sheesh! And this weekend it is forecast to be above 0 degrees. First time in months. We will be sure to take advantage of that!

*Oh yes, back to yoga. Well the general malaise in my body this morning, obviously from the snow shoeing yesterday, brought me to the mat. Ah, sweet relief. Boy oh boy are my hips tight though. Much tighter than before. And my shoulders too. My balance was wickedly off in Tree Pose but interestingly enough it was superb in Half Moon and Revolved Triangle. Can't figure that out.

*I got another Etsy purchase in the mail. A lovely wood Waldorf inspired rainbow for Athena to play with. So far a big waste of $20. I thought it would be neat. Apparently, she was not amused or inspired by it. Check out her expression in the picture.

*Athena and I are getting hair cuts tomorrow night. I have tried and tried and tried again to have long flowing hair. Unfortunately, coarse, curly hair is not easy to grow out. And Athena has such a teeny tiny face and thick straight hair that she gets lost in it if it gets long. I am thinking Pixie cuts for the both of us.

*The other day, my dishwasher was making an awful sound. The kind of sound that makes you look in sale flyers for a new one because you cannot possibly live without a dishwasher. But, again, interestingly enough, it was the microwave that died yesterday. This, I am happy to live without. I use it as an exhaust fan and light for cooking and perhaps to melt butter. We don't even use it for popcorn any more since I started making it in a pot with oil on top of the stove. This microwave was not some cheapy either. We paid over $400 for it less than 4 years ago. (Don't ask. My husband just wanted it to match the rest of the appliances). Anyway, I will be glad to see it go and off the wall. It is HUGE and... I hate it. In good news, the dishwasher has not acted up again.

* I cast on Athena's sweater the other day for the THIRD time. Again, don't ask. You know what they say anyway, "Third time's the charm."

*In extraordinary news, Paul and I have booked a 5 day vacation in Victoria BC in May. Just the two of us. Athena will be well taken care of by Auntie Jen. We can't wait. It has been years since we have been anywhere alone. Years.

And last but not least:

*What do you do when you have something on your mind, so much so that when you wake in the middle of the night, it is what you think about? (Women under 35 probably don't wake in the night but we women in our early 40's do.)

And what do you do when you know that if you do this thing, you will have a lot of opposition from some of those people who are closest to you?

And what do you do when you know this is ABSOLUTELY the best thing you can possibly do because you have the life experience and wisdom to know that it is?

Why you do it of course. You just do it.


Jen said...

1) Athena's expression is priceless.

2) "early forties"? Try mid-forties. ;)

3) Do it. If you think it's best and it's what you want. Do it.

Dawn said...

Yay for Victoria. :) I love that beautiful city. I'm under 35, but I get woken up by thoughts in the middle of night. Whatever it is you're thinking of, if you know it's for the best....good for you for going for it.

Sarah said...

Brrrr! My goodness that snow is just beautiful, though!

I love love love Victoria- we're trying to fanagle a way to get there before too long ourselves. :)

Anonymous said...

I love Pixie cuts. Wish I was brave enough to get one.