Thursday, March 18, 2010


Jen and I have been talking about Simple Living lately. She is reading a book called Living Simply With Children that she checked out from the library. Actually, she now owns that very book because her puppy chewed off the cover. Heehee.
Anyway, perhaps because of what she learned in the book, she put away roughly 2/3 of her children's toys. So far they haven't noticed. So I got to thinking about Athena's toys. I weed them regularly and I am sure she has half the toys of most children, but she still has a lot.
They are mostly good quality wood toys like Lincoln Logs, Tinker Toys and a train set. She has wood blocks too. And dolls, and a doll house, and a kitchen set and barbies and... well I guess she doesn't have half of what most kids have after all.
The strange thing is, she doesn't really play a lot with them. She is very busy imagining, pretending, dreaming, creating. All the things a child should do.
My questions are : So what do I do with all these toys? What is your family's philosophy on toys? What kind of toys do your children have? Do they have any at all?

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Jen Stevenson said...

Keep a few aside for her children (your grandchildren).
You'll be happy you did!

As for the rest... Spread the wealth and take them to the homeless shelter, an orphanage and to your pediatrician's office.