Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Last Week in Pictures

Her idea. A hummingbird of course.

Field Journal

Ready to go to the Butterfly Exhibit.

Copy work.

Decorating Easter bunny hutch

National Geographic Kids Online. Love it!

The first Spring Robin


I can't resist pictures of those eyelashes and freckles.

Yes, it snowed. Yes those are bare foot prints on the deck.

Dyeing Easter eggs

Making a fairy house

This is her interpretation of a horse running.
The week was great but chilly. The butterfly exhibit was excellent. There were butterflies all around us, landing on us. I didn't think we could take pictures but we were allowed. But, the camera was in the car.
A woman came up to Athena and looked at her field journal. She identified herself as a school teacher. She told Athena that her butterfly entries in the journal were "great and a wonderful idea". Then asked her how old she was and what grade she was in. Athena said "I'm home schooled." And the woman nodded her head and gave the "thumbs up" sign and said to us "Good job."
This week, the weather is unseasonably warm. Yesterday was spent outside. The whole day. From 9 to 4. I think today will be the same.


Jen said...

Her freckles are sure coming out again. so cute!

Looks like lots of fun was had this week, your first of many weeks of homeschooling!

Dawn said...

Love that happy smile on Athena's face! Looks like a great week.

Sarah said...

Gorgeous photos, Michelle. Looks like your homeschooling's gotten off to a perfect start!!! :)

denise said...

I love this time of year when we can finally be OUTSIDE! Great pix.

Tara said...

A busy, fun week for you both!

Love the eyelashes and freckles.