Monday, August 30, 2010

Day One Homeschooling

(Deep breath) So, we started our school year this morning. I got up early, had coffee, read the paper checked emails. I made bacon and eggs with whole grain toast. We went for a 15 minute walk (Athena and I) to get the blood flowing. It was cold. I could have used gloves. We came home and went straight to work.

I presented her with brand new school supplies. Pencils, pencil sharpener, glue, scissors. Markers, watercolors, pencil crayons. New binders and notebooks. New scrapbook. She was quite excited.

Jump forward about an hour and she "did not want to make the lower case A. She wanted some snuggles." So, we did our reading time on the rocking chair with her on my lap wrapped in a blanket. Jump forward again, after a 15 minute recess and a snack and she did not want to do another thing. Can't even remember. She sat there looking at me as if to say with her eyes "why would you make me do this horrible thing?" Oh brother!

We managed 2 and a half hours. I was shooting for three. Paul came up from his office to see how it was going. I was frustrated and she was asking if she got to watch Inspector Gadget later in the afternoon. He took her to the post office to do some business mailing and told me that I should perhaps ease into it more slowly.

Things I have learned in 2 1/2 hours of homeschooling:

*Do not expect all of the plans you have written in your day book to go completely as planned.

*Bring knitting with you so you can get a few rows in while she is doing math worksheets.

*The history curriculum I bought may be a wee bit much.

*Bob Books are the best.

*So are magnetic letters and a board.

*Must add more hands on for this girl.

*Try not to be so hard on myself.

*I am totally scrapping my science plans for more practical learning. At least for a while.

Sigh. I really hope tomorrow goes more smoothly. Is it too early for a glass of wine?


Dawn said...

All those things you learned, sound like some real wisdom. It seems like flexibility is vital to maintaining a sense of sanity when teaching- at home or in a classroom. ;)

Tara said...

I love your stress reduction kit...LOL!

You and Athena will find a natural rhythm again I'm sure. Owen's first day was pretty uneventful and I was the first one to be surprised. He merrily went along, doing the things I suggested.....
Still, I know there will be some days that don't go as smoothly.

All my best wishes for day 2!!

Lyse, Ebony, and Olivia said...

Makes you think about what a classroom teacher goes through.


Sarah said...

Be easy on yourself, Michelle. And your husband is right- easing in is a good thing. I'm learning the same thing. Trying to serve the CHILD instead of the PLAN-- and that's no easy feat, from where I sit.

Another thought, for what it's worth: you are one-on-one with Athena. There's a lot of intensity there that most teachers don't have to deal with. One-on-one is an incredible benefit, of course (INCREDIBLE)-- but it also adds the unique challenge of not having mulitple children to diffuse a tense situation. So give yourself that grace to know that when things get tense because she isn't understanding something (or isn't paying attention, or whatever), a change of scenery like a walk or some watercolors or (gasp!) a movie may be in order. Just a thought, of course. :)

Be easy on yourself! You are offering your daughter a beautiful and rich childhood just by choosing this path in the first place. I am excited to read about your adventures together.

I agree- BOB books rock. So do magnetic letters.

Good luck today! :)