Monday, August 16, 2010


I have a love of all things natural and earthy and my wood collection is one of my most special possessions. Twice a year (should be more often) I get out my mineral oil and oil my all of my wood. Bowl, spoons, rolling pin, cutting boards.

This is one of my most enjoyable "housekeeping" jobs. I feel the slippery mineral oil on my fingers. As I gently apply it to the surface of the bowls, my hands feel the shape of the wood as if I was making them on a potters wheel.

The wood changes color and I can see the grain. From dry and pale to a deep dark color.

Soon the oil has worked its magic and I wipe them one more time and put them back in their places ready to be used. But not before I just look at them once again.

It is a deeply satisfying almost meditative process and I love it.


Dawn said...

You have some beautiful wooden utensils and bowls! I've never oiled wood before, although I do have some wooden spoons that could use some special care. That does sound calming.

Bending Birches said...

oh, i so love this too!!! cheers!

Tara said...

my poor spoons and cutting boards take a beating - this is a great idea to help them stay working well :0)

I bet you have a beautiful kitchen.