Sunday, August 1, 2010

All For Me

What a glorious Sunday morning I just spent. Long long overdue. I woke up around 6:30 and got my running shoes on. I was out the door well before 7 and I started my run. Actually, more like a run/walk cycle as I am just a week into the program. (two of my daughters, the ones pictured a few posts back, and I are attempting to run a 5k charity race together in October) The air was cool, the town was quiet, except for the birdsong. I encountered two women walking a dog and that was it.
I came home to a quiet house. Paul and Athena were still fast asleep. I put the coffee on and headed to the deck with... wait for it... a book. A novel. No homeschooling manual, no parenting book and no cookbook. An honest to goodness for pure pleasure only novel. The Elegance of the Hedgehog if you must know. I read, drank my coffee, watched the birds at the feeders all alone. It was pure tranquility. I did this for almost 2 straight hours. They chose this day to stay in bed past 9! A gift, just for me.I can't tell you how much this little moment in time did for my soul. I can't remember the last time I have been alone and done something for myself. I think I'll do it more often.

The rest of the weekend has been great too. My only brother and his family stopped in for dinner, golf and an overnight stay on their way to a family reunion. Athena played with her cousin for hours on end. She just turned 3 and she is something else!
They had a great time together. It is so nice to have company just one family at a time. Athena gets to know her cousins one on one. So far she has spent large amounts of time with Renee and Matthieu, Olivia and Ebony, Eric, Kenadee, Pearce and now Ella, besides the usual suspects of Abby, Josie and Eden. This makes me happy. I would like her to have close relationships with her cousins as she is technically an "only child".

To top off this fantastic weekend, so far, is the fact that we here in Saskatchewan have a long weekend. Saskatchewan Day. First Monday in August. Now if you'll excuse me, I am going to plunge my 45 year old head in a bucket of ice water. It is so @#$%^& hot! And as a woman who prefers fall and winter, I can't handle the heat so I'd best get out of the kitchen.


Dawn said...

Oh, why don't we have Family Day, here in the U.S!? That sounds like a good holiday. I'm happy for you, that you got that precious time alone to enjoy your book this morning. That's so important!

Tara said...

Good quality alone time - it's a treat for sure. I have that book title on my list of books to read this year.

Enjoy the summer sunshine!