Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Quotable Athena (Updated)

Update: I forgot to enter this favorite of mine.
Athena: Mama will it rain today?
Me: I am not sure, lets check the forecast.
Athena: It doesn't matter. Mother Nature does what she wants.

This girl cracks me up. Sometimes I don't know where she comes up with this stuff. Sometimes I do.In the past week she has said all of the following:

Dad is singing in a goofy voice. She hears him and says "Dad, stop singing!"
Dad: "Are you gonna beat me up?"
Athena: "Yes I am."
Dad: "Bring it on Buckwheat." (she hates when he calls her Buckwheat)
Athena: "Well I don't want to. I changed my mind cuz I love you."

A few days prior Athena was playing on her monkey bars and I told her that it was almost time for bath. I was just going to water my herbs and then I would go up to run the bath.

Mama: "I am going to run your bath. I expect you to come inside in a minute or two." Then I walk past her to go into the house.
Athena:" Don't look at me like that!"
Mama: "I am not even looking at you."
Athena: "Well you were going to, I know it."
Mama: ignores sassiness and goes upstairs, runs bath.
Athena: Comes up right away and says "Sorry Mama."
Mama: "Sorry for what?"
Athena: "Talking back to you. Its the first time I've done it and I didn't like it."


A: "Mama, remember Lauryn has my stuffed up kitten named Oliver?" ( I love that she says "stuffed up" instead of stuffed.)
A: "I want it back."
M: "So go get it."
A:"By myself?"
M:"Yes. Just be very careful and watch for cars when you cross the street."
A:"Okay Mama. I'll be careful. I won't let you down!"

And just the other day, while drawing a picture she says:

"An artist draws what she wants WITHOUT anyone else telling her what to do. Right?"
Yes, you are right.
And this is the scene I encountered when I walked into the kitchen yesterday. Do you think this girl wants a pet? The one on the left is Oliver.


Jen said...

All so cute!

Dawn said...

Those quotes are all so cute. Smart lady, recording them on your blog, I'm sure you would never want to forget those.
I think Athena needs some pets. ;)

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