Wednesday, August 25, 2010

From the Kitchen/Garden

Lots of good comfort food around here lately.
Buttermilk biscuits
The weather has been rather cool, save for yesterday and today.
Cream of Leek and Celery Soup
The weekend promises highs in the 5os. My kind of weather.

Organic Peach Pie

I look forward to the fall, well... from about the end of spring/beginning of summer.
Fried Chicken Breasts
I am really truly a fall and winter person. In body and soul and temperament. Yes, yes I am.
With cream gravy

Kennebec potatoes from the garden

Now who cannot concede? Cool crisp clean air. No mosquitoes or wasps. Being able to see your breath in the air. The vivid colors of fall. Red, orange, yellow, brown.

Pumpkin chocolate chip muffins

Good things coming from the kitchen. Stew. Roasts. Casseroles.

German cabbage rolls with sour cabbage
And my box of wine in the background

The wood fires. The sound of geese. The crunch of leaves underfoot. The sunset. The sunrise. All a feast for the senses.

Produce gifted from the neighbor's garden

Ah yes. My time is nigh. I wait, but not much longer.


Dawn said...

You could be a food photographer for a magazine. These pictures are so good! I love summer, but in terms of food, fall is the best. :)

Lyse, Ebony, and Olivia said...

I am so excited about fall this year. It has been ten years since I've experienced a proper one. I just hope it doesn't get too cold for me.

Your food looks fantastic. Olivia and I are making apple crumble today with apples from the market. Yum.

Tara said...

Me too, me too - total fall/winter gal.... you can have the summer friends!

Your food looks so yummy. I always begin to get the itch to cook when the cooler temps roll in.

Anonymous said...

Your descriptions of the crisp fall air make me quite envious. Fall is definitely my favorite season but we have none yet, yesterday still feeling over 40 degrees with the humidity... yuck.

Olivia said...

Are you getting a lot of your recipes from the Pioneer Woman's Cookbook? I found her website and am making the garlic cheese bread. With Hellman's. I'm not sure that's so pioneer-ish but I don't mind. :)