Friday, May 29, 2009

And Again

Lest you think that the story of my little Snow White was a one time happening, I bring you Snow White the 2nd.

She has such a heart for little creatures. Especially birds and (gasp) bugs. As soon as she hears a little, or big, bird hit the window, she is out there. She has to protect them from the Tom cats. She has to heal their little wings. She has no choice.

In an effort to stop the 'bird hitting the windows' thing, I installed a stick to the window bird feeder. It has stopped the number of birds smacking their beaks but not entirely. What else can we do?

PS I am not going to put up those sticky outlines of falcons on the windows either.


Dawn said...

I'm so amazed at these pictures! Your daughter has a such a special gift with animals.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you have to move the feeder away from the windows????

Stephanie said...

I wouldn't want those stuck to my windows, either. :/
Too frightening,anyway.

Love the pictures of her with the birds!! I always call that Snow White, too. :)