Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fuzzy Felt

A short while ago I made Athena, our 5 year old, a felt board. She has been creating her own pictures with it since I gave it to her. My experience cutting felt was not going well. I have since had my scissors sharpened and will cut more distinct images in the future.

Her first picture was a pastoral piece. A no-brainer for her. Anything with the outdoors and nature and animals is right up her alley. In fact, she had me cut extra pieces as she was creating because she couldn't find the shapes necessary for her project.

Her next effort was a space ship. Good job I might add. She is not one to sit down to a task. In fact, she would rather be playing. When she does do it, she does it well and with full attention. Its just getting her to start that is the hard part.

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Anonymous said...

I still have "Fuzzy-Felt Teddy's Playtime" if you'd like to recruit some animals from there!- Jess