Sunday, May 31, 2009



I love them. I look forward to them all week, as do we all.

What I don't like is being without my husband on weekends. He does travel for his job, which I don't mind, during the week. It is when he is gone on the weekends that I have a problem with it.

This past weekend he was gone from Friday morning until almost dinner time on Saturday night.

Ughhh. I wasn't too upset because he was helping our son-in-law replace shingles on his house in Regina. But today. Today is another story.
Nope, it isn't golf that has him away, it's firefighting. Again.

Grass fire season has been especially bad this year due to the dryness and the wind. And tonight of all nights. We had planned to grill some beef tenderloin steaks with all the trimmings. Not anymore. He'll be gone for hours. At least we had some grilled bread and Baba Ghanoush before he left so he'll have some sustenance. I guess it will be Rice Krispies for me and Athena. Grrr.

Oh, and did I mention IT IS STILL WINDY?

How was that for the whiniest post you ever did read?


Kaivalya said...

Aw, that must be frustrating. Maybe you can take the Rice Krispies and some marshmallows and make Rice Krispy Squares - they always cheer me up! :-)

Your husband is a volunteer firefighter? That's really cool (except for the weekend part).

Michelle said...

Yes he has been a volunteer firefighter and First Responder for about 8 years. He loves it.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe the wind this year. It is like a tornado all the time.

denise said...

Oh, I'd miss him too. That is a long time!

Dawn said...

That must be hard. I don't like it when my husband is away on weekends either. Firefighting sounds like a more noble reason to be away than golf though...those guys are real heroes.