Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Signs of Spring

Yes, it is almost mid May. But we live in Saskatchewan, see?

Yesterday was a beautiful, beautiful day. High of 23 degrees Celsius. That is about 74 for those of you in the US.

Athena and I were naturally outdoors for most of the day. We gathered dandelions from the neighbors yard of course. My Love would not allow a patch to grow on his lawn, that is for sure. And naturally we made a dandelion crown for little Miss A. She thought I was amazing to have such skills in crown making!

I also walked around the yard looking for any new growth. The pictures tell the story. I look at the pictures of the blogs of women in Madison, Wisconsin, Wenatchee, Washington and Fairy Glen, Oregon, and I know we are far, far behind. But still I see there is some evidence that spring is to come.

And yet... today it snowed.

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Dawn said...

Snow! That's a big change from 74 the day before! I'm impressed with the dandelion crown...very pretty. :)