Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wet as Water

As you know, it has been cool in Saskatchewan. Very cool for this time of year. I have only planted my root crops so far and my bedding plants are quickly outgrowing their containers. We have been kept indoors more that I would like with rain, snow and the gale force winds that have been battering us at every turn.
The sun came up for a brief while yesterday after supper so I suggested a walk. We all bundled up and yes, I wore my long down filled coat, and headed out the door.
The sunshine had warmed the moist air and the wind had died down enough for the weather to be quite pleasant. Cool still at about 5 degrees Celsius, but nice enough.
We walked down to the deserted golf course by the pond. Deserted only because of the weather.
Much to our surprise we found a pair of Canada Geese and their 4 goslings. Another nesting pair who were NOT happy about us looking in the bulrushes for their nest. There was also a pair of mallard ducks too. No ducklings and no nest to be seen either. I also saw an otter swimming in the water. When I got close enough to look he took a dive under the water and did not resurface while I stood there.
Athena and I have been hearing the frogs in the evening and so have been looking for tadpoles to bring home in a jar. Of course, when you are looking for tadpoles you have to get very near the water. Very near. So near that even though it is 5 degrees outside and you have your winter parka on and sandals on your feet, (what? I hate socks) that your feet slip out from under you and you land right in the water. Then you are lying there up to your thighs in murky dugout water that is freezing cold and you can't get out because you are laughing so hard at yourself.
Your worried husband runs to you and grabs your arms and pulls you out. Still you are laughing.
Yes, this happened to me yesterday and my bum is a little tender today and I still think it was funny.
I am glad we went.


denise said...

Ha! Sounds like me. I hate shoes, actually. ;)

We have had crazy winds here too - although it is *finally* warm (well, HOT) for the past two days after a whole month of 'doesn't even feel like spring'

We looked for tadpoles yesterday but didn't see any - but lots of other animals!

Dawn said...

Falling in the mud like that sounds like one of those circumstances where you either laugh or cry. You must have a great sense of humor. :)