Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thrifted Finds

It is surely the season for thrift shopping. Here we call them Garage Sales. I am on the hunt for wood bowls in particular and I found all six of these for around 50 cents each. Some are teak, the three shallow ones are bamboo. A little oiling and they were as good as new!I also like ceramic bowls. Let me rephrase that. I LOVE bowls. This set of three did not disappoint. They were never used as the stickers were still on the bottom. The largest one is 13 inches across. 13 inches! Huge by my bowl standards. Big enough to mix up a batch of buns or for a giant family sized Caesar Salad. Love them. $10 for the lot. Worth it.

Next I found this divided serving tray. Olive green. $2.

Last but not least, cotton napkins. My daughter inspired me to begin using cloth again after she bought me some lovely ecru colored ones for Mother's Day. I got 16 napkins. New, still in wrap, for $8. About a quarter of the price listed on the packages.

Oh joy, what bliss. And the season has just begun!


Jen said...

Now I want to go garage sale-ing. Good finds!

Oh, and those napkins are a much nicer color than you made them sound.

denise said...

Oh, those are beautiful finds! I love garage sales, flea markets and thrift shopping...but I just never get to go anymore since it is so hard with little boys (they are a bit bored with it all, or wanting to touch ;)