Thursday, May 14, 2009

Snow White

My little Snow White

Truly she is. She loves animals. Loves them. Birds too.
She can identify a bird by its song. She is even learning male and female, or boy and girl as she likes to call them.

We live in the country. Well, in a small, small town of 900 people. We get a lot of birds. Some just pass through on their long journeys north or south. Some stay all summer, some stay all year. We also have 3 large windows on the front of our house and several times a day hear the tell tale sound of a bird hitting the window. No fatalities this year or last. Yet.

Well just yesterday a little Thrush hit the window and rested a while just under the window. Of course little Snow White had to rush out to protect him from the many Tom Cats that run around this small town of ours. She slowly walked up to him, talking quietly, and put her little hand out for him.
He peeped a few times and then he was in her hand. A dream come true for Athena. She held him for a minute then he jumped on her arm and flew to the safety of one of our large pine tree. One of her best days ever. I attach a few pictures of this story and a less appealing "snow white" story that happened today. May 14!!


Jen said...

How exciting for Athena! Although I think it's creepy.

The snow = ick.

Anonymous said...

Wow. It's hard to imagine a bird trusting someone.

Dawn said...

Athena really is a little Snow White! That's pretty rare for a wild, healthy bird to sit on someones hand like that.