Tuesday, September 29, 2009

When Calls...Nostalgia

Back in the day, when I followed the Christian faith, Born Again Christian, to be exact, I read and re-read the Canadian West Series by Janette Oke. To say that I loved these books was an understatement. A gross understatement. They were so endearing to me.

Now, way past the Christian days, and for certain reasons only my children and a special friend know, I long to read them once again. I tried to put them on hold at the Saskatoon library. They only have half of the six books in the series. I tried to order them only to find they were out of print. On to EBay.

I sought them, I found them and I conquered them. All of the books, printed long ago but in mint condition for the low low price of $10. They arrived yesterday. They sit in a prominent spot on my bookshelf waiting to be read. Waiting until a time in the short future when hopefully, they will become more personal. They will become new to me. They will be cherished. Perhaps read over and over by me. Perhaps my adult daughters will want to read them. Perhaps Athena too when she is older.

But just seeing them there on the shelf, just knowing they are mine forever is a comfort in an odd sort of way. Just beyond explanation at this time. I may divulge in the future. I may not.


Kaivalya said...

I did this with the Riverworld series by Phillip Jose Farmer. And all the Jean Auel books as well. Haven't read any of them yet, but it makes my heart happy to know that I can whenever I want to!

Dawn said...

I read that series long, long ago! I remember that I also liked it. I'm glad you were able to find the set for such a great deal. I have the Mitford series of books that I take comfort in. I keep giving away the books because I think people will enjoy them, then replacing them, because I don't want to be without them. :)

Anonymous said...

I am interested in why you no longer follow the Christian faith.


Michelle said...

Maggie, I don't want to offend anyone but the short version is, after thinking about it, I found that other religions believe that the path they are following is absolutely right, just as I did when I was a Christian. Then I further thought that "No one comes to the Father but through Me (Jesus)" was very exclusive. What about those who didn't hear about Jesus? "All of creation declares that God Is so that man is without excuse." Okay, that is God, Creator, Great Spirit, whatever you call it. I believe in a creator, or Spirit but I just can't get my head around one style of faith being The Only Way.
Plus, CBC in Canada has a great documentary you can watch online calles The Pagan Christ which predated Bill Maher's Religulous. Both interesting documentaries.