Tuesday, June 4, 2013

june 04

I feel caught adrift in an ocean I don't want to be on. I have a to-do list as long as both of my arms and although I know I should be packing I find myself walking around trying to find anything to do to avoid packing. I get some boxes, marker, tape. Then I decide to quickly check my email first... for 45 minutes. Don't I need to bake some cookies right now?  Maybe I could just sit down and read for a minute or two.

Speaking of reading, I find it interesting how the genre of my recent Amazon purchases has changed in just one short year. These are the most recent to come into my mailbox.

Even my magazine subscriptions are drastically different from one year ago. No more yoga journal, alternative medicine or Victoria. Instead, they are replaced with nitty gritty how-to offerings. So interesting and right up my alley.

All this to say, I don't like the "in between". I don't feel comfortable there at all. I am not so good at living in two places at once and I look forward with eager anticipation when I can live in one space. A house divided will not stand. Turns out to be very true for me and my divided life at the moment.


Dawn said...

Oh, I feel for you Michelle. I know that you have dreamed about a farm for a long time, and it's so close now! I hope these next few weeks go by quickly for you, but at the same time, that you don't feel rushed with all there is to do. I wish you peace.

Tara said...

Feeling in between two spaces is never easy... but soon you'll be settled into your farm life!

I LOVE the Ashley English books!

EMMA said...

We share very similar reading habits. I have the John Seymour book but it's the 1976 edition. No glossy pages and a bit worn around the edges but a great book all the same. I also subscribe to Taproot.
Maybe I should invest in 'Keeping Chickens', we have had ours two weeks now and only got 3 eggs so far.