Thursday, June 13, 2013

june 13


Three days he has been away. A small number to many. Not to me. After all these years I still miss him when he is gone. He has been working so hard at his day job, coupled with trying to get this house ready for us to move into in 10 days. Trips to the farm, nights away for work all equal up to not seeing each other much at all lately.

I got an email from him this week that said "How is the packing going? Is Athena doing okay? I can not wait until we are living in the house and we can start to have a normal life again.Love you. Paul" And I can't wait either.

I packed like crazy this week while he was away. There are boxes stacked everywhere. Neat stacks because amid all this chaos I still like order. Athena slept in my bed last night which was a disaster. It had been a while. She had a mosquito bite that she scratched non stop. I hear Martha hissing and spitting at another cat several times during the night and I couldn't sleep, which is not normal for me.

Paul is on a plane heading home tonight. Athena is taking an extended bath and I just did my weekly housework and got the coffee ready for the morning. I'll be long asleep by the time he gets home but I will hear him shower and slip in beside me. Oh my but this is a difficult time.

This weekend we are back to Jackfish Lodge for his company's 30th Anniversary party. It is a weekend outdoor thing. The forecast is for heavy rain. This is not my thing at all. Hotels, buffets (gasp!) and lots of people. I don't want to go but I have to. After breakfast on Sunday morning we are off to the farm where Paul will stay most of the week and Athena and I will make the trip back Sunday evening. Back here to pack, try to whittle down the freezer contents and welcome Miss Martha's kittens into the world.

And so another uncommon, unusual week begins. There is an end in sight. I just hope at that end the water is hooked up so I can have a hot shower. :)

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Sarah said...

Beautiful tomatoes! This will all be worth it when you are reunited in your new home. Soon! Soon!