Thursday, June 6, 2013

june 06

We ride our bikes almost every day. I wonder if we will do the same when we move to the farm. Maybe. We stop at the same spot every day. "The forest" she calls it but it is merely a double row of about 20 trees that abuts the golf course. One day last week, as she runs down the centre of the tree lined lane a duck flies out.

"Mom did you see that?!" she hollers, barely containing her amazement. I tell her there must be a nest and it isn't long before we find it. Seven eggs. Water no where in sight. We have gone back every day just to peek. Mama duck is getting used to Athena's visits as it takes her longer and longer to fly the coop.

Today she stood patiently, not ten feet away, as Athena peeked in. No ducklings yet. Should be soon. Athena secretly hopes they hatch when she is there so they imprint on her. That way when we move to the farm in less than three weeks she can take a box full of kittens AND a box full of ducklings with her.


Tara said...

I knew you would have some kind of birds right away!

Athena will be so thrilled with all the critters on her nature walks.

Dawn said...

I love reading your stories about Athena with the animals. She seems to have such a way with them. I hope she gets to take some ducklings to the new farm. :)