Monday, June 10, 2013

june 09

After yesterday's trip we ventured out again. Paul had a lot to do at the farm. Small things like nail the house to the foundation :), build a landing and some stairs so we could get in, build the platform for the shed. You know, things like that. Of course I jest. His list is as long as... well, forever.

We were quiet on the way up. We were all tired. I woke Athena up at the last minute and blended up some breakfast smoothies for us to have on the way. Mine was kale, blueberry, almond and yogurt and Athena's was peach, strawberry, almond and yogurt. Paul, who believes food should be chewed (lol) ate before we left.

Although we were quiet we were so much looking forward to seeing the house on the foundation. Paul told me I would want to clean it a bit before so I brought a few supplies to do that. The land is so green and vibrant and alive. I took many pictures through the windshield on the way up.

When we got there and I walked into the house I nearly cried. No really. The house was dirtier than I had ever seen any one's house ever be. AND the dust wouldn't sweep up as it was caked on. I was so in despair that I actually used my index finger to write an expletive that begins with an F in uppercase letters, with and exclamation point in the bathtub. After stomping my feet and slamming things around, I rolled up my sleeves and Athena and I got to work. After a trip to Canadian Tire for supplies and several hours and two "once overs" on the floors, I barely made a dent.

All was not lost. A colleague of Paul's lives on a farm right at the end of our driveway across the grid. He has two children. Farm kids. The best kind. Kids who like to be outside and run and play and get dirty. Callie (10) and Chase (6). Athena played with them all afternoon while their dad rolled up his sleeves and started helping Paul without being asked to do so. Amazing. Another of his colleagues brought his 5th Wheel up for Paul to stay in next week and for me so I wouldn't have to keep peeing outside. On a side note... have you ever tried to pee outside without getting your shoes wet? Not an easy task.

Our idea to be back before dinner and grill some beef tenderloin was not manifest. We left late, filthy and tired and oh so stiff. We ate lunch at a diner in Radisson called Red Bull. They had the buffet, which I do not like (all those people touching the spoons!) but which was right up Paul's and Athena's alley. The more she works and plays outside the better her appetite. She even had room for dessert. I had a BLT. I figure if the restaurant is iffy, that is the choice least likely to give me food poisoning. They had wine on the menu. 4 bucks. I  asked the waitress what kind it was. She said, "It says merlot on the bottle" which she pronounced mer lot. I had a glass anyway, just in case. (Red wine prohibits any food born pathogens from multiplying in the gut.)

PS The builder is going up tomorrow to clean the house. I didn't get around to cleaning the bathrooms so it was a very good thing I erased my handiwork in the bathtub before I left.

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Tara said...

There is always so much work getting into a new house but oh so worth it!!

Love seeing Athena with her new friends :)