Friday, June 14, 2013

june 14


Is it possible for a cat to be expecting kittens and not bulging out at the sides? Sometimes she looks pregnant. Other times, not so much. I calculated from the time I saw her mating and my calendar says 'Kittens due week of June 17th'. I'll be watching her but I am not entirely convinced there will be kittens at all. If there will be there won't be many. After I knew she had mated I 'saw' 4 kittens in her belly. Guess that vision was way off. ;)

I told Athena that we could keep any males Martha would have. If you haven't heard a queen in heat then you may not know why I don't want females. Plus, I don't want to run a kitten farm so Martha will have this one litter. Athena wants to name them Scorch and Gary after some movie she saw. Nope. Not going to happen. Her interest in movies changes so fast and anyway, those are horrible names. Then she decided to name them after some of the herbs in her Herb Fairies course. If she has four they'll be named Melissa, Stellaria, Tago and Viola.  Tago is the only male. Oh help. But like I say, I don't even know if there will be kittens at all.

We are off this weekend for a rainy Anniversary celebration with Paul's work. Athena is looking forward to the buffet and the magician! I am looking forward to coming back home.


Sara said...

I hope there are kittens! Nothing better than kitten phots. :)

Tara said...

Is it possible the kitty has just been indulging a bit too much with the cat chow???? just kidding.... kittens are fun and the names sound cool to me!!!

enjoy your weekend :0)

Dawn said...

I haven't ever had any experience with kittens and wouldn't know what to look for. I hope, for Athena's sake, that there are kittens soon to be born. Did you have a nice weekend?