Tuesday, June 11, 2013

june 11

In some ways I am very surprised at how poorly I am handling all that is going on these past weeks. In other ways, it is not a wonder. What I do know for sure is that things ALWAYS go better for me when I am regularly practicing yoga. I miss my studio space a lot. Paul says he thinks I am doing great but I know better. I know myself very well. I usually hold up well under pressure. I maintain an even keel, a level head, a calm heart. These days it is taking more and more effort.
Packing has begun. I am packing up what I know I won't use or at least what I hope I won't suddenly need from now until the 23rd. My wise sister in law told me today to think of myself as camping for the next two weeks. Good advice, except I hate camping. I know what she meant and it helped me a lot.

The men at Paul's work have been extraordinary and I don't use that term lightly. Volunteering to do whatever he needs. Going out to the farm after their work to do more work for him even when he isn't there. Bringing pizza and beer and offering whatever they have. It is so humbling and if anyone deserves it, it is Paul. He is like that. Will do anything for anyone, especially his girls, whom he adores. It will be so good for him to have a group of friends again. Delisle has NOT been good in that department. It is a very cliquey town. We don't have many friends here at all. Despite having invited dozens of people to our home to share a meal, only one family (our elderly neighbors) has ever invited us back. It is so sad and we are not the only ones to think this town is like that. It was a huge disappointment and we are glad to leave for that reason alone. It looks like our new home, although more isolated than a town is better than this already and we haven't even moved there yet. I am so looking forward to that sense of community.


Tara said...

I know how difficult is was to be in a camper for the first two months when we moved here....awful! The feeling like your life is in boxes and scattered is not good but I know you'll carry on and all will be well and in place soon.

Keep your chin up!! :)

Dawn said...

I don't like camping either. I hope it goes quickly for you. Your new community sounds good. Friendly neighbors make life so sweet.