Friday, September 11, 2009

As Seen On TV

Wow, what a week. I go this new note pad from Michael's called Mom's Weekly Planner. It has changed my life! I'm not kidding.
It has ample space for filling in the little things one must do every day just to keep the family unit running smoothly. At the bottom there is another section for other notes you may need. Thanks Jen, my lovely daughter, for mentioning this too me. I LOVE IT!
I scheduled my weekly chores, added Athena's school days, a haircut, dance registration, and even exercise. The bottom section is filled with incidental jot notes. For instance, this week I have written:

*Send Lyse (sister in North Carolina) mahi mahi and salmon recipes
*Book suggestions from same sister : Water for Elephants, Happy Marriage, Fingersmith

*Listen to song by Jess (another lovely daughter) and Dann (her man)
*Eden and Jill (Lovely daughter #3 and Granddaughter respectively) over for dinner and golf on Sunday.

Have I mentioned that I love this notepad? Yes, okay, sorry.Only trouble with it is that I over scheduled my week. No fear though as there is a weekend entry spot as well. Pull tomatoes, empty Athena's pool, finish Athena's dress, knitting, groceries, library.

Moving on...

I was hanging up some ironing Athena engaged me in a conversation. It went like this:
A- "Mom, are those regular hangers?"
M-"Yes. Plastic hangers. Why?"
A- "Well you should use Wonder Hanger. It makes much more room in your closet. And if you use Bend a Hanger you can even shake your clothes and they won't fall off. They are the best hangers to get. We should buy them."
Then, in Walmart, another statement comes from that little 5 year old mouth:
"Oh, there is Smooth Away. Did you know it is good for guys too? Then you won't ever have to shave again!"
And this morning, while I was reading the paper she looked over at one of the flyers and said:
"Is that the Shark? Cuz that is the best thing you can have to keep your floors sparkling clean."
Ahem. I guess watching Scooby Doo on Teletoon Retro ain't the best idea. This is the first time she has ever seen commercials and she believes every word. That, my friends, is the power of advertising.
And I leave you with that. Have a nice weekend, and go out and get yourself a "Mom's Weekly Planner" notepad. Only 77 cents at your nearest Michael's craft store. ;)


Kaivalya said...

I can thoroughly vouch for 'Water for Elephants' and 'Fingersmith'. I haven't the slightest idea about 'Smooth Away' and 'The Shark', though. ;-)

Jen said...

I love those stories about Athena!