Monday, September 14, 2009

Don't You Wish?

Don't you wish you could protect your children forever? From everything?
Don't you wish you could keep them from skinning their knees when they learn to run? From falling when they learn to climb? From getting their fingers pinched in the closet doors?
Don't you wish you could protect them from the inevitable nasty comments from other kids? When they are chosen last for the team in gym class? When they answer a question wrong in school and the other children chuckle under their breath?
Don't you wish you could save your girls from the pain when that special boy doesn't call when he said he would? When she stands at the front window waiting for his car to show up, and it never does? When she doesn't get asked to the school dance? When she doesn't make the team?
Don't you wish you could save her from making mistakes as a young woman? From choosing the wrong path? From seeing the wrong guy?
Don't you wish that when these things happen to her that you could take all the grief, all the hurt, all the pain upon yourself? To save her from it? Don't you wish that she could have all of your life experience in her young life and learn from it? To trust that you know because you have been there?
But, we can't. They will fall. They will have hurt feelings. They will not be chosen. They will be laughed at. They will get the answers wrong. They will make the wrong choices. They will get hurt. Just like you did. And you will love them anyway.They will be stronger women on account of it.
And they will think these same thoughts when they have children of their own.

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Jen said...


TWO boys said they wouldn't marry Abby yesterday and I knew she had hurt feelings. The first of many hurting hearts from boys, I'm sure.