Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Resurrected Yogini?

As you may or may not have read in my profile, I claim to be a resurrected Yogini. Claim.
As I stated yesterday I plan to practice the one hour session every day this week.
Well, I had to run to the city this morning to get Athena another pair of shoes to wear to school. I ended up getting some "sneakers", as she has come to call them. Thanks Lyse. I also got her some fall boots. And by fall boots I mean slightly warmer than "sneakers" and much less warm than the Sorrels she has for winter. Extravagant? Yes. Necessary? Definitely no. Moving on...

By the time I got home and was able to get to the "studio", it was almost 2:30 pm and the last thing I felt like doing was yoga. I did it anyway. Warm up was lovely. Standing poses were GREAT! Did I mention Revolved Triangle was firm, Warrior 3, balanced, Half Moon, excellent.
On to Sun Salutations. Chaturanga? Forget it. Again flopped to belly, barely able to push up into Upward facing Dog. Repeatedly. Still, I persevered. I sweated buckets. Highs of 34 Celsius today!! Ugghh. Needless to say, the heat really helped me in forward bending and even twisting. I was able to go beyond comfort and twist deeper than ever. Not in a bad way, don't worry Kai.
Excellent practice again. I did have my little love playing with her ponies beside me, half watching the video making comments on Rodney Yee getting sand on his back, wearing a bathing suit and what a long pony tail he has, but nevertheless...

School update: I neglected to mention that Mrs. Barber, Athena's teacher, said to me that she thought the glass containers in Athena's lunch kit were a bit cumbersome. That was yesterday.
This evening she called me to apologize and say that she agreed with me on the BPA in plastic, that she thinks we put too many chemicals on our bodies and in our food and further told me that she agreed with the glass containers after all. How nice.
I on the other hand, condensed her lunch to fewer containers and added a juice bag instead of her stainless steel water bottle. Its all about compromise I guess. (shrugs shoulders).

Tomorrow is her second day. Hopefully she eats some food. Tomorrow is expected to be equally as hot. Autumn, where are you?


Jen said...

Don't you dare wish Autumn upon us! This is our first taste of summer. ;)

That was nice of her teacher to call back like that!

Dawn said...

One hour of yoga...good for you! I really need to get to work. I'm missing my daily practice quite a lot.