Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Not A Great Day

Edited: Water was turned back on at noon today. Now we are under a boil water advisory. Again.
Coupled with the very frequent power outages make small town living a bit inconvenient.

To say yesterday was not a great day is possibly an understatement.

My last post lamented the too hot weather. Yesterday when I walked Athena to school, in the dense fog, it was -1. Yes. A woman we passed by walking her Grandchildren to school aptly stated "From the air conditioner to the furnace!" So true. I did tell you I won't complain about the weather and I won't.

Our water has been turned off by the town because of a water main break. We all managed to get our showering in before the water was turned off, luckily. But, try to brush your teeth, flush toilets, make coffee, all without water. This is not good. All indications are for the water to be back on by noon today. I sure take available, potable water for granted and I am not a happy camper when it is not. Eye opening. Shame on me. Moving on...

The most disappointing thing about the day was that I finally finished the first toque that I have ever knit. You may recall my problems with starting it. Everything went well from there until I tried it on the girl. (insert expletives at will) I cannot believe this. I will not use acrylic this time(what was I thinking?) and real wool, from sheep, is on sale this week for a sweet price. Back to the drawing board.

Anyone have a baby with a really wide flat head who wants a toque?


Kaivalya said...

Could you add a section on to the bottom to lengthen it? You could also take it to a knit shop and see if one of the 'experts' can suggest anything to salvage it, short of pulling it apart and starting over.

Definitely buy some wool! It's so lovely to knit with soft, quality wool.

Michelle said...

Maybe I could but then again, it is acrylic. I think I will just start over. I'll chalk it up to a learning experience. With any luck my Granddaughter Josie will be able to wear it.