Sunday, September 13, 2009

Yoga Update

My yoga practice has been going quite well. I manage to get on the mat about every other day.

A woeful thing happened though. My Yoga Practice for Energy VHS (yes, I still use the old format) does not work anymore. It got rewound a few too many times. Alas, it is in the garbage. Sigh.

So, I have been doing another tape called Yoga Conditioning for Your Life, again by Rodney Yee. It is about 80 minutes long. I has Sun Salutations and almost more standing poses than I can handle in one session. There are back bends, twists, seated poses as well. A very well rounded practice. In fact, during the practice I found my legs to be tested to their limit. Just as I was about to give up, we moved to some seated poses and twists.

The next morning, my glutes were oh so sore. My legs, moderately achy and my upper chest and triceps a little touchy. All confirming that I was indeed working the entire body. I am having a recurrent tightness down the right side of my neck and down across my collar bone. It is getting a bit better as the days go by but I'll have to watch it.

Twists are improving. One reason is that I am actually beginning the twist at the waist first, which is the correct way and another reason is my belly is shrinking so it is not in the way as much. This makes me happy. In fact, even in deep forward bending it isn't in the way. Yay me!!

Stamina is coming as well. I am not where I was years ago but I am slowly getting back there. One day at a time. Which, after all, is as it should be.



Kaivalya said...

The 'Yoga for Energy' VHS has been converted to DVD and is now called 'Energy Balance Yoga'. Amazon has it. I found a copy at my local library and put it on hold, since I'm curious to see what it's like.

Michelle said...

Oh Kai, way way too easy for you.