Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Practice and all is coming -- Sri K. Pattabhi Jois

Ahhh. Back on the mat today.
I had a great practice. I am still pleased with Half-Moon pose. I don't know how it happened but I am able to gaze at the top hand ever since I last posted about it. Small steps. Revolved Triangle was really good today, even though the belly still gets in the way. Baby steps there too. But today's highlight was Warrior 3. Nailed it. Had good balance. Hips aligned right as far as I could tell. Perhaps it was because I moved my mat a different direction in the studio. Facing North. You know, Feng Shui and all that. Who knows.
Practice was quite sweaty today as well. A whole hour. I intend to do the exact same practice each day this week. It is a well rounded practice that I really am enjoying now. Love Rodney Yee. Well, not leaving the old wife for a new wife things but I don't walk in his shoes so I won't judge.

Athena was exhausted after school as I knew she would be. And starving. No kidding. She at a half a roast turkey sandwich, some raspberries and a few crackers. She said she hadn't time for the rest because the bell rang. She'll have to speed it up or go hungry. Not a fan of that either. It is hard for her to eat her lunch in 10 to 15 minutes. She also came home with mosquito bites on her little cheek and neck. I sprayed her this morning. With chemicals. HATE doing that. Besides those two things, her first day went quite well.


Tanya said...

Hey. For the bugs, I use Baby Buzz Patch. It is a little patch that you stick on them that keeps the bugs away. It contains citronella and eucalyptus and I think a few other things. I used them on both my kids when we went camping. I looked like I had slept in a mosquito nest and both the kids were fine. I am not sure where you would find them in sask though. Maybe check the internet.

Michelle said...

Oh, thanks Tanya. Jen was telling me something about those but I don't think she ever got one as therer aren't many mosquitoes in Regina.

Anonymous said...

Glad her day went well. Love the dress Keri bought her.Mom