Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 10 Tranquility

I had my new regular breakfast today. I made a serving for Paul too. He very politely told me that it was "Bland and tasteless and could use granola and flavored yogurt". So sweet.

I like it anyway. And this is day 3 with that breakfast and each day it leaves me satisfied until lunch time. That is a huge bonus to me.

We left early for the city as I had to get some zippers from the fabric store for Athena's new dresses. I am almost finished the first one already. I'll post pictures when I am done. Possibly tomorrow. We also had to go pick up my "new to me" used 13inch TV/VCR combo for my yoga studio. Now all of my beloved old VHS tapes are accessible to me again. I am so glad.

We got home after lunch and after I did a few chores around the house I realized that I hadn't done my morning yoga. So, I went to the studio, grabbed a Rainbeau Mars Tranquility tape and popped it in.
Athena joined me upstairs but opted to use some modelling clay quietly in the corner while I practiced. It was so nice and only about 35 minutes long. Just what I needed. After I finished we went outside and set up her new splash pool in the yard and I sat on the deck and read my Country Living magazine.

Supper was fantastic tonight. Salmon cakes, Rice stuffed tomatoes and some bread, and of course, my beloved Cabernet.

PS I wasn't as sore as I thought I would be this morning but my dear husband stole all the covers last night so I did not sleep well.

PPS Athena has a bladder infection and is on antibiotics. Jen reminded me that I should give her acidophillous while she is on them. Thanks Jen. I would have forgotten.

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Dawn said...

Your dinner sounds fantastic...yum. I really enjoy reading Country Living magazine. Good for you for keeping up with the yoga. I'm having a hard time doing that now that I don't have a regular class to attend. I did discover that Neflix has some yoga routines on the watch instantly feature so I think I'll try one today.