Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Day 17 Stop and Smell the...Asphalt?

Again today I did the beloved Yoga Practice for energy. Yesterday, I skipped out of Upward Bow, or back bend, and replaced it with Bridge pose. Today, even though my arms were already tired from Sun Salutations and I knew better, I attempted to push up into Upward Bow. I did it and I hurt my neck on the right side. I knew better. I didn't listen to the wisdom of my body. Darn it. I couldn't even lift my head after that.

I finished my practice, which was otherwise very good and went out of the studio (I love saying that!) into the kitchen and took a couple of aspirin. I told Paul that I hurt my neck so be aware of signs of stroke. Not kidding. In case you are wondering, he is a First Responder as well as a Fire Fighter so he would know what to look for and what to do. Minutes later, I got Athena bundled up (it was only 15 degrees Celsius with looming rain and strongish winds) and we walked almost the entire circumference of our town. We needed to pick up the mail, stop at the C0-0p and get milk and then come home to make lunch. That walk lasted exactly one hour.

Big town? Nope. Just so many flowers to smell. So many mysterious paths to walk down, so many things to check out, like the feel and smell of new asphalt. True story. Ever see anyone kneel down and smell the road? You would have today.

Every day for her is "The Best Day Ever!" She wakes up with a huge smile every morning. Life is good. Indeed it is. I hope she never loses the wonder of it all.

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