Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day 3 Good and Bad

Oh, yoga, I love you. I really do.

Today I practiced for 75 luxurious minutes. 75 minutes! When I think of it, it seems a little indulgent. Doesn't it? 75 minutes in my new yoga studio all by myself doing something only for me? I really need this. I do.

I managed ten Sun Salutations today. Yes, I said ten. I did them early on instead of after the standing poses. I must admit that moving into Chaturanga was more like a belly flop though. My arms and chest are still sore. My hamstrings, tight. Kai, if you are reading this, should I just keep practicing even though my triceps hurt pressing the ON button on the dishwasher? The practice was so so good though. I really love yoga. Did I mention that? I even mustered up the gumption to attempt shoulder stand after a long absence. One thing I realized is that I hate twisting poses. Hate them. I did quite a few today to see if my aversion to them is because they are uncomfortable. Oh, and Kai, if you are still there, I CAN'T BREATHE in camel pose. Why?

So, I got my haircut today. Not remarkable and no picture. I'll post one as soon as I can. It is short again and it feels good. It is my "go to" haircut and it suits me, my life, my "I don't want to spend time on something as silly as hair" attitude too. Part of me always wishes and tries unsuccessfully to grow long hair. I love short hair though. I comment to Paul wherever we are and say "Look at that beautiful woman!" and inevitably it is a woman with very very short hair.

I know it looked better on me 15lbs ago but I am determined to get back there.

I went to the city today for my haircut and for Athena's eye exam. She doesn't need corrective lenses...yet. The traffic was so bad and I had to make some extra stops and I was late getting home. And what did I do? Had some wine. Humph. Tomorrow is another day.

And lastly, lest I leave on a sour note, check out the picture below. It is an awesome "un-birthday" present from my oldest, who knows my taste well. I love Canada and I love nature and I love natural home decor. All three in one lovely gift. Thanks Jen.


Kaivalya said...

Re: Sore triceps - Try easing off for a day or two. If you've been doing pushup/plank, try dropping your knees first. If that's too much, do 8 Points into Cobra (or skip Upward Facing Dog/Cobra entirely). You'll be amazed by how quickly the body builds strength. By next week you won't be sore (or you'll be sore in different places).

Re: Camel - Camel is a backbend, but it's also a 'front stretch'. If the front body is tight, breathing can feel constricted. Try laying over blocks or a bolster (supine backbend, 3-5 min) and focus on breathing deeply. This will help open the chest and teach the body that it can expand with breath in a front stretch. Back in full Camel pose, modify by bringing your hands to blocks, check in with the breath. Gradually work deeper in the pose, only going further when you can maintain ease of breath.

Michelle said...

Well thank you oh Yoga Guru.