Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me

How Long?

How many nights will I lie in my bed and say to myself "Tomorrow will be different?"
How many times will I say to myself "Soon I will change."
How often will I speak the words "I am not living my authentic life. I am not being my true self."?
How many mornings will I wake up and say "This day will be different" Yet repeat yesterday's day.

Well, I have given myself a start date/ A deadline./ A NEW Beginning.
That day is Monday July 13th .
That is the day I begin to be me. That is the day I start my TRUE life.
That is the day I start to take care of myself first. First!
Not selfish. Just necessary. And long overdue.
My birthday is July 09th.
I will be 44 years old.
This is my gift to myself.
Stay tuned.


Sybille said...

Dear Michelle,
thank you for the important words you have written on this post. I nearly every day say the same things to myselve. Life, especially women's life, is full of things to do and to think about and often we forget that we can only be good to others when we first are good to us.
This is a thing we must teach our children, too. And the best way to teach is just living it.
good luck,

Dawn said...

Happy Birthday. Your plans sound like the best present you could give to yourself. I look forward to reading more about those plans.

Annie said...

Sounds like the perfect present...! Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Michelle!! Sorry it's a bit late, I'm at work and busy , busy. Hope you had a good day.