Monday, July 20, 2009

Day 8 Whining about Wine

Today is the start of a new week and another step in the new Me series.
This week my focus will be breakfast. I really need to revamp my breakfast.
Although I cook really healthy, tasty suppers, (dinners for you Americans) my lunch and breakfast menus lack... well, everything. I recently started drinking coffee again after a 5 year hiatus and I am not sure of its effects yet. I seem to get the same premenstrual breast tenderness again. I say premenstrual yet I had a hysterectomy last Sept yet my body still cycles because I kept my ovaries. How is that for way too personal?
Anyway, I have two cups of coffee every morning and I my breakfast of choice would be biscotti. Very healthy no? No. So this week I am going to focus on breakfast. Making it healthier with more protein and more good stuff.
Today I had some plain organic yogurt, blueberries, strawberries and a squeeze of unpasteurized honey. I also threw a small handful of raw walnuts on top. It was very filling and sustained me until lunch time. I couldn't believe it. I must say I am not too fond of the honey taste. Maybe I'll try some raw cane sugar instead.
I practiced yoga this morning as well. It was a 40 minute practice and it was a little tough. After a 2 day weekend break I didn't really want to do it. See what I meant before? I love yoga but if I don't do it regularly my body protests. I will practice 5 days again this week. I am feeling more relaxed in the shoulders and my legs are feeling more stretched as well so the positive results are apparent already.
Now, whining about wine. Yes, this part is not fun. Dawn recently asked if I meant in a previous post that I will have no wine. That is what I meant but that is not what I am doing. Instead I plan to just have one glass with supper. On weekdays. Not counting weekends. How is that for backtracking? Baby steps right? So when I said "Hold me to it." on Day 1, I only meant for a few days, or did I?


heather said...

it's so funny how our practice can slip away (even if just for a couple of days), yet when we bring it back it connects us with that place within that we have always known to be our truest self. i love reading about your practice. :)

your breakfast looks so good! do you have maple syrup? you might prefer that to the honey... or agave...

Michelle said...

Oh, yes, maple syrup. I do have some and that sounds much better. Thanks Heather

Dawn said...

Baby steps are good. I only ever stick with the changes that I take gently. It sounds like you're doing great! Breakfast is a good place to focus on healthy changes.
I took a week off running last week(for a number of bad excuses) and yikes...I sure felt it today. ;)