Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day 2 Where Are You Rodney Yee?

Ouch! That was my first thought this morning when I woke up. My shoulders and chest were so sore. I guess 5 Sun Salutations was too many. My thighs felt so tight. Perhaps I held the standing poses too long? I ached all over. Athena thought if I just ate breakfast all would be well.

So, I made it yesterday without any wine. It was a lot easier than I thought. At 4pm I started thinking about having a glass. At 5pm I thought about it more. By 6pm I was in the back yard swinging on the swing set with Athena, walking around the yard pulling the odd weed and watching a storm roll in. After she was bathed and in bed I had totally stopped thinking about it. Phewsh! That was better than I expected. Only trouble was, apparently the wine worked well as a sedative. Sleep did not come easily. In fact I was wide awake at 10:30 pm, which never happens to me. Oh well. Maybe tonight.

Today I managed to get on the mat for about 45 minutes. I was not satisfied but I had to pick Athena up from her Summer Playground Program, which she calls SUPER FUN PROGRAM. I didn't do any Salutations but I did work on some standing poses, a few back bends and a couple of inversions. I am pretty sure I compacted my spine an inch or so in headstand. I'll have to measure myself later to find out. I had a small personal victory today though. It was the first time EVER that I was able to gaze at my upper hand in Half Moon pose. Yeah me! I was so inspired by this small accomplishment that I came down to the kitchen and dumped a full 235g bag of Old Dutch ripple chips right down the garburator. True story! I LOVE chips.

As I was practicing without instruction (my new DVDs have not arrived yet) I heard Rodney Yee's voice, giving me little modifications along the way. Rodney was my first great teacher. I went to his class every other day for years. I knew him well. His voice, ever present,was guiding me along through my practice. And now, he sits, in VHS form, downstairs in the TV stand, right where I saw him last. My new DVDs cannot get here soon enough.

In other news, tomorrow I am getting a new haircut. A long overdue haircut. Sorry Mom. I know you like my hair longer. I cannot wait. I don't know what I am getting yet or how it will turn out but I am excited and optimistic. I'll post a picture of the before and after tomorrow. Maybe.

I also have all this waiting for me:

To turn into something grand for this little one:

And then I plan to do a PM yoga tape tonight after Athena is in bed and afterwards have a long lavender infused Epsom salt bath. No wine again. I can do this thing!
PS Paul has been away for a few days but is back tomorrow!


Dawn said...

Good for you! Your new yoga space looks wonderful. What are you making for the little one?

Michelle said...

I am making her some dresses and a tote bag for her library books. Maybe a skirt or two. She chose some of those fabrics.

Kaivalya said...

The soreness and tightness will pass as you continue your daily yoga practice. I've experienced something similar after a break from yoga.

Congrats on your first wine-free day! I would like to do that with sugar. I managed a couple of sugar-free months two years ago, but I'm such a sweet tooth, I fell right off that wagon!

I didn't know you were such a Rodney fan! Which Rodney Yee DVDs have you ordered? I have a few of his VHS tapes from way back too! I noticed in the photographs of your yoga room that you have his books as well.

Looking forward to seeing your new hair!

Michelle said...

I ordered the 4 set series with Mariel Hemingway. I have most of his others on VHS. I even have Advanced Yoga. What was I thinking?