Monday, July 13, 2009

Day 1 Here We Go

I have had many calls and emails about my Birthday present to myself. All are wondering what I mean, what I will do. I do plan to document my journey from day to day. More for myself and to monitor my progress. You are welcome to read along if you like.

Today is day one. Day one of the new me. Day one of authentic me.
I got a new Yoga room this weekend. We spent some time moving our Guest Room from upstairs to the lower level where Paul's office is. This worked out better than we thought. He moved around his furniture in his home office and we put the futon in there. Not only is it more private and quiet for guests but there was also room for an end table, lamp and clock for anyone who will be staying with us. Nice too for him as he seems to have more room now, not to mention a couch to take afternoon naps on.

Anyway, I now have about 90 square feet of our home all to myself. All for my yoga practice.

It looks wonderful. It will be always ready for me and it is all mine. So this morning, I managed a 50 minute practice. It was pure bliss. I was so happy.

Since I have been away from a consistent yoga practice for a while now, I noticed that things were different. Quite different.

I still had strength for the Sun Salutations. I did them close to the end of practice so I only had time/energy for 5 of them. But hey, 5 is better than none, no? I also noticed that my belly got in the way terribly for Revolved Triangle and some forward bending. Ughh. That will have to go. As I lay in Savasana at the end of my practice I felt hot and sweaty, my body also felt open and relaxed. I felt a smile begin to grow on my face as I realised how I missed this and how glad I was that I did this for myself today. So now that I have my own yoga studio, I plan to practice at least 5 times a week, no matter how short or long a practice. This is one thing I am going to do for myself.

Which leads me to the second thing. I am not going to have any wine today. Not a drop. Not tomorrow either. I plan to get rid of my belly by stopping my 2 to 3 glasses a day (yikes!) of wine habit. That will be tough but I will do it. Paul says I should just have 1 glass a day. I am opting to go cold turkey. At least for a while. So there it is. I've said it for all to see. I will not have any red red wine for a yet to be determined length of time. Keep me to it.


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Kaivalya said...

Oh! This is so wonderful. Your yoga room is beautiful and what a lovely gift to give yourself every day! Seeing all the photos of your yoga goodies makes me want to unroll my mat and do a few sun salutations. :-)