Friday, July 17, 2009

Day 5 Allah Is Noshin'?

It is Day 5 already of the new me program. I am very pleased with the results. I clocked in about 6 hours of yoga this week. 6 wonderful, blissful hours. Yeah Me! Still sore in the chest and triceps but feeling open and strong and ... just happy. I think in a previous life I must have lived in India, eaten curry every day and been a dedicated Yogini. I must be true.

Today was a busy day. Lots to do before we headed to the city. My little gal accompanied me in the studio today. For the first 2o minutes she followed my lead, aping every yoga asana that I did. For the last 30 minutes, she used her yoga strap as a leash and made noised like a rabid cat who was tied to a chair. That's the way it goes around here some days. I did have a CD on of sitar music but she asked for lyrics so I changed to Krishna Das. I love that CD. However I couldn't help but to burst out laughing during Sun Salutations when the lyrics seemed to say "Allah be noshing". How funny is that? No sacrilege intended for any Muslims who happen to stop by.
It was so funny I almost lost my breath during the salutations.

The wine thing... not so good. I have a hubby who loves his Pilsner (Saskatchewan boy, born and bred) and then a whisky or two so... what can I do but join him on the deck for a glass of wine? Tell me, what can I do? (Don't judge me.)

Next week I plan to work more on the wine thing as well as the food. I plan to set out a menu and let you in on what we are eating. The yoga will continue cuz it just feels so great to be back at it.

I enclose a few pictures of little A, still in her jammys, in the studio on her very own mat.

Happy weekend.


Sybille said...

what nice pictures full of peace.

Dawn said...

Ahhh...I love the cute yoga pictures of A.
Is your rule no wine at all?! I would have a hard time with that one to. ;)

Michelle said...

Well Dawn the no wine thing is going poorly. In fact I had some yesterday. Time to ammend that one I think.